US Distributor for Sports Products and Sporting Goods US Distributor for Sports Products and Sporting Goods

US Distributor for Sports Products
and Sporting Goods

dispatchd is a leader in helping European sports products companies enter the U.S market. Contact us today to learn more.

dispatchd is committed to helping impactful European sporting goods brands gain notoriety and recognition in America.

The American love of everything sports-related cannot be overstated. From American football to Major League Baseball and even hockey, there is no shortage of people who watch and/or participate in beloved sporting events. According to a CBS News poll, 56% of Americans will completely rearrange their schedules to watch their favorite sport or team. Furthermore, a report from Harvard University reports that 25% of adults in the US currently play sports.

As you might imagine, the demand for quality sporting goods – everything from sports equipment to cleats and clothing – is quite high in America. Here at dispatch.d, our goal is to help your European impact sporting goods brand make a name for itself among those American consumers who actively purchase gear. We support a wide variety of brands that create sustainable, vegan, and environmentally friendly products designed to suit the needs of the American consumers.

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dispatchd helps American consumers discover your European impact sporting goods brand in a way that grows your presence and reputation.


Through data analytics and machine learning, we put your products on all the biggest ecommerce sites in the United States and show them to the right people at the right times.

What we do

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We introduce American consumers to European impact sporting goods brands that offer sustainable, vegan, and/or environmentally friendly products via the nation’s largest ecommerce channels.

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We serve as your single point of contact through the entire market entry process, from logistics to marketing and distribution.

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We provide your brand with access to the same cutting-edge technology that’s used by the biggest sporting goods brands in the United States in order to help you establish a presence among American consumers.

Retail Distribution

dispatchd provides your impact sporting goods brand with everything it needs to be successful in the American market. We offer access to the latest technologies – including machine learning and data analytics tech – and we share our marketing expertise and compliance knowledge to ensure your market entry is smooth and successful. We help you build a presence and demand through the nation’s largest ecommerce channels, which includes (but is not limited to) Amazon, Walmart, and eBay. Over time, our clients build a solid reputation that helps them achieve their ultimate goals, whether those goals involve ecommerce success or selling their products through the country’s biggest and most popular sporting goods stores.