Our Model

PaaS, or Partnership as a Service, is our solution to the biggest up-front barriers of market entry.

  • The immediate costs of shipping and clearing products.
  • The uncertainties of new markets.
  • The risk dilemma between LTL and full-load shipments.
  • The necessity of seeking wholesale buyers without customer adoption.
  • Misaligned incentives in the downstream supply chain.
  • Reluctance of retailers to work with a new brand.
  • The reliance on brokers, distributors, and 3PLs on the other side of the world.

As your partner, we can move beyond the constraints and misaligned interests of typical distribution-supplier agreements by putting our skin in the game. We pay the upfront costs of getting your products from your home country to the target market, and we only get paid when your products sell.

We cover consolidation, drayage, air or ocean freight, clearing and customs, and trucking.
Compliance & Value-Add
Compliance & Value-Add
We cover compliance labeling (language, nutrition, expiration, instructions), bundling, kitting, and storage in an FDA-licensed food grade warehouse.
Channel Costs
Channel Costs
We cover channel referral fees, fulfillment and customer service, FBA prep, Amazon Fulfillment Center delivery, and more.
dispatch.d is committed
                to transparency

dispatch.d is committed to transparency


Once we receive your products, they are immediately inventoried and checked for damage. Next, you'll get a Receiving Statement from us detailing the inventory, the logistics costs we incurred, and a projection of compliance, value-add, and channel costs based on an agreed-upon launch plan.

Incurred Costs ? Projected Costs ?
Description ? Logistics ? FBA ? Channel Fees ?
Item MSRP Overseas Freight ? Customs & Duties ? Drayage ? Labeling/ Compliance ? Prep ? Transport to AMZN FC ? AMZN Referral Fee ? AMZN Fulfillment ? Walmart Referral Fee ? Fulfillment ?
SKU1 $30.00 ($0.40) ($0.15) ($0.10) $0.00 ($0.35) ($0.05) ($4.50) ($2.63) $0.00 $0.00
SKU2 $40.00 ($1.20) ($0.10) ($0.20) $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 ($6.00) ($6.20)
Item MSRP Total Incurred Costs Total Projected Costs Net Revenue
SKU1 $30.00 ($0.65) ($7.53) $21.82
SKU2 $40.00 ($1.50) ($12.20) $26.30
These values are inspired from actual dispatchd Partner cases. Expenses subject to variation based on origin, weight, dimensions, category, and more. Sales tax collected at POS by respective channel.
Ongoing Sales

On a monthly basis, we'll provide a statement covering all revenues and expenses for every product, on every channel. We only earn when you sell, and you'll never pay the upfront costs of market entry for a product that isn't sold.

Item MSRP Quantity Sold Gross Revenue Net Revenue Per Unit Total Net Revenue
SKU1 $30.00 450 $13,500.00 $21.82 $9,819.00
SKU2 $40.00 350 $14,000.00 $26.30 $9,205.00
Total - 800 $27,500.00 - $19,024.00
Partner Fee (15%) ($4,125.00)
Total Partner Earnings $13,077.13

Partner Fee

Our partner fee is designed to reward your success, as any good partner would want. We charge our fee at the end of every month, after your products have sold, and have aligned our fee structure into variable brackets that lower dramatically during the first milestones.

Our partner fee structure rewards and incentivizes sales growth by taking a smaller percentage as demand for your brand grows. With each $20,000 milestone that you surpass, our fee on subsequent sales decrease until you reach the $100,000 milestone. Any period that reaches $100,000 in total sales has a flat partner fee of 12.5% for the entire amount.

dispatchd charges a flat $300 fee in replacement of the 15% Partner Fee for total sales below $2,000 per month.


Here’s an example of our fee structure for a partner brand with $65,000 in monthly sales:

$65,000 – ((15% x $20,000) + (14.2% x $20,000) + (13.6% x $20,000) + (13.1% x $5,000))

$65,000 – ($3,000 + $2,840 + $2,720 + $655) = $55,785

$55,785 total Partner Earnings, before expenses, on $65,000 in sales

Digital Marketing Management
Digital Marketing Management

Digital Marketing Management

When launching a product on the biggest eCommerce channels, it's easy to get lost in the crowd.

Without adequate marketing, most launches are doomed to fail. For the millions of products that compete on the world's largest marketplaces, the necessity of top-tier marketing capabilities has outstripped all other factors in the fight for customers. For that reason, we provide data-driven ad spend recommendations so your market entry efforts don't fall short.

With dispatchd, digital marketing is made simple. There's no need for you to learn the ins and outs of SEM and marketplace advertising, and we offer total transparency in how marketing spend is utilized. We provide all partner brands an overview and detailed analysis on marketing performance each month.

We partner with expert digital marketing agencies, so you'll never need to vet anyone. Our marketing management fee serves to cover the industry standard, and dispatchd does not profit from it. The marketing management fee is the industry standard charge from our marketing partners and we take responsibility for covering their retainer fees so you can benefit from world class marketing agencies while only paying part of their true cost.

For more information and to have all your questions answered by a Partner Success Representative, contact us today.

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