How to sell my product in US stores like Target?

European product brands are increasingly looking to the US as a potential growth market.

There are many reasons for this, but the main one is that the US has so much more disposable income than anywhere else in the world, and American consumers have been known to be willing to spend on product quality and design.

The number of European product brands (CPG) selling into US retailers has increased dramatically over recent years because it’s now easier than ever before to sell across borders online – without having physical distribution networks in place.

This article will explain how you can launch your product into the U.S., plus offer tips on what channel might suit your product best (online-only or offline).

What is Product Distribution?

Product distribution is the process of making a product available for customers to purchase.

To understand product distribution, it is important to understand the product life cycle. There are six stages in the product life-cycle: product development, product launch, production ramp-up, maturity, decline, and product withdrawal. In product distribution, channels can be used by businesses to limit the cost of delivering products to customers. These channels may include online retailers, wholesalers, and direct sellers.

Why is Product Distribution Fundamental?

Product distribution matters because it is a cost-saving measure for product businesses, and CPGs have historically been limited to online retailers only due to the product life cycle.

Product distribution can be broadly divided into two types: product-centric and channel-centric.

A product-centric model uses product distributors (wholesalers), whereas a channel-centric model would use retailers. For product brands, product distributors are generally the best choice because they offer the widest potential product reach, at a lower cost. Direct product sales are suitable for product brands that want to directly drive product sales online.

Best product distribution channel for mass-market product brands

The best product distribution channel for mass-market CPGs is either direct selling or product distributors (wholesalers).

In the U.S., wholesalers have been around a long time, and they also allow product brands to distribute products across the country. To sell products through wholesalers you will need to be sure that your product is eligible for distribution under their rules.

How can I sell my brand in US retailers?

Now that you’ve researched the US market, made product adjustments to suit US product regulations, and considered which channel is best for your product, it’s time to try and sell your product to retailers. But how do you go about doing this?

The first step is to contact the buyers of the retail chain where you’d like to see your product. You should start with stores that are similar to those you already sell in. If they’re interested, they should provide product specs like product size, brand name, etc. It might seem intimidating at first but it doesn’t take long until you find yourself swapping stories with them over email or phone calls about their kids or pets!

If a product placement in a single store is of no interest, you can also think about product placements at multiple stores. If not already done by your sales rep, this should be initiated by yourself. Generally speaking, the major retailers are open to product suggestions; however, it’s important to bear in mind that there are other brands seeking product placement as well.

Not every product will be successful in the US market and it makes sense to start with product test runs of 50 to 100 pieces. This allows you to see if your product sells at all, and where you may need to make adjustments. It also lets you figure out which retailer is best suited for your product – be that one particular store or multiple stores.

Logistics are an important part of product distribution to retailers in the US, so factor that into your product launch plan. Product loss and damage are very high at the beginning of product distribution, so it’s recommended to do product test runs before launching a product to entire regions.


Product distribution is the process of delivering products to customers. It can be product-centric or channel-centric, and it may include wholesalers, direct sellers, online retailers, or a combination thereof. Wholesalers are generally best for product brands that want to distribute their products across the country in mass markets because they offer low-cost options without the need to manage inventory on these products themselves. You should start with stores that are similar to those you already sell in if looking at wholesale distributors as your primary option. If not successful through this route, try contacting buyers at multiple stores about potential placement opportunities there instead!

Unfortunately, continued competition has made Market Entry fraught with barriers. As CPG launch experts, we know that the number one factor in retail adoption is US sales and proof of a loyal customer base. As a dispatch.d partner, we strive to accomplish just that. We work alongside our partner brands to introduce their products on major marketplaces like Amazon and Walmart, growing consumer demand, and building the sales history that will attract retailers like Target, Sephora, Ulta, and more.

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