Wholesale Distributors for Electronics Products in the US Wholesale Distributors for Electronics Products in the US

Wholesale Distributors for
Electronics Products in the US

dispatchd is a leader in helping European electronics products companies enter the U.S market. Contact us today to learn more.

dispatchd introduces European electronics brands to the American market.

In today’s world, electronics are more than just luxury items – they’re necessities. Per an 2013 article published by Forbes, the Consumer Electronics Association reported that Americans have an average of 24 electronic devices in their households, and of those, about 10 are connected to the internet. These devices provide access to online classes, make it possible to brew your own coffee in the morning, and allow you to curl your hair among other things. It’s safe to say that the average American consumer relies on their electronics throughout each day.

At dispatchd, it is our mission to help European electronics brands enter the American market through a variety of tried-and-true strategies, starting with ecommerce. We support numerous brands offering numerous different types of electronics, including those that are energy efficient. Whether your electronics brand is offering a novel idea for the average household or an improvement on an already known and loved product, dispatch.d is here to help Americans discover your European electronics.

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dispatchd is committed to helping European electronics brands gain a following and grow in popularity among consumers in the United States, both in ecommerce and retail.


We utilize high-tech machine learning and data analytics to aid in your American market entry through websites like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and many others.

What we do

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We utilize the greatest and latest in technology to introduce American consumers to your European electronics brand and help you grow a solid reputation for quality and innovation.

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Unlike other market entry service providers, dispatch.d serves as your single point of contact through the American market entry process. We handle it all – logistics, marketing, distribution, and more.

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dispatchd provides our clients with access to the very same technologies used by many of the biggest electronics brands in the United States, which can help to establish your presence and grow your brand.

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With dispatchd, American market entry is simple, affordable, and effective. With access to the same technologies that some of the biggest names in electronics use, you can feel confident that your European electronics brand will enjoy a strong presence in the US market. Starting with ecommerce (Amazon, Walmart, eBay, and other websites), we can help you reach your goals, whether you want to continue to develop a strong online following or you dream of seeing your products sold in the biggest electronics stores in America.